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Ordering Artwork
The first step will be to determine an appropriate photo on which you would like your drawing to be based. The photo you select should be crisp and in focus. If you are ordering a bust, close ups help with details (Should be like the `Reference Snap' shown on this page). You may send more than one photo to assist with accuracy but, please indicate which photo you would like y
our drawing based on. All photos will be returned with the completed Portrait in the medium of your choice- e.g.- drawing/sketching in pencil/pastel/crayon or in Oil or Acrylic. Please email digital photos as a Microsoft Word, PDF, Photoshop or JPEG attachment.

The Artwork to be commissioned can be in any size and medium of your choice.
I can paint in any medium of your choice - Oil, Acrylic or Water-color and have painted on various surfaces such as Canvas, Walls, Wooden Boards, Leather, Clothes, Handmade paper and even on Window-Blinds! 

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